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JT Day Custom Stand Design

We built this stunning, tall, modular interactive and functional exhibition display for J.T. Day.

The original version was 10mtrs long x 4mtrs deep, featuring 3.6mtr high Illuminated front towers and 2.4 mtr high back walls. This display is inviting and friendly but has the professional business look that was required, with two large meeting table areas with laptops linked to plasma TV's, a coffee / meeting area, 5 product showcases and 5 sloped lightbox information panels. This display stands out and with full custom manufacture it looks powerful. The secret with this custom display is the hidden ability to be modular and fit different booth sizing.

A finalist in the judging for the over 36sqm displays at previous years AOG Exhibitions!

At AOG 2016 we adapted their display down to a 6m x 4m booth, changed their custom digitally printed graphics and updated their lightboxes to give the display a fresh look and feel. We believe in building our custom displays to be functional, have storage and look great as well! Making the show enjoyable as well as successful for their team.

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