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David Middleton our Sales manager, celebrating 12 years service at The FactoryDavid Middleton is Celebrating 12 Years Service at The Factory

Congratulations to David Middleton, for the recent anniversary of his 12th year of service to us at The Factory.

David started in our production workshop manufacturing displays, he developed additional skills and moved to the role of Exhibition Designer, Account Manager and now Sales and Marketing Manager. David’s attitude and commitment has been instrumental to the success of the business. He is the first employee to reach 12 years of service and in the last 11 years David has not taken a single day of sick leave.

His willingness to work over-time and after hours to ensure a job is complete and meets our company’s standards is instrumental in our success. Our director, Grant Bird, has often said he is very comfortable in leaving his business in David’s capable hands when taking leave, and know that he represents The Factory with integrity and pride.

David is highly respected by those whom he comes in contact and is an exemplary role model to others in the workplace. He treats all colleagues with respect and dignity and is never afraid to express his appreciation to others for their skill and efforts. While leading team members to change and improve processes, he also provides guidance and consistency within the business. David is often required to mentor, train and assist others, while completing his own roles: currently the Sales and Marketing Manager.

His training of staff ranges from portable and modular system construction, exhibition design, and sales, both internally and on site. When required, David is willing to help and follow others in any areas that require assistance, from laying up graphics, on the tools in the workshop, or getting on the fork lift to load a truck (he maintains an up-to-date licence required for this.)

He has a natural ability to focus his energy on his current projects, while at the same time being able to work with others, fostering a collaborative environment to nurture their work and progress. We would like to highlight David’s dedicated commitment in encouraging members of the team to be engaged and produce a high standard of work. The combination of his professionalism and vast experience enables him to be an excellent mentor to other employees.

The longevity and consistency of large clients David has engaged, including Australia Post, Alinta Gas, ATCO, Government Departments and ABC, demonstrates the success he displays in fostering successful business and client relationships.

David emulates warmth, humility and professionalism as he strives to consistently provide a quality service and a point of difference for each client. He is well known throughout the industry for his attention to detail and willingness to seek solutions for all of his clients, regardless of their budget and time restraints. His courteous manner is not restricted to the office; he projects a warm and knowledgeable attitude to clients when on site. We have seen him resolve conflicts and handle difficult situations with patience and admirable tact.

He is an extremely organised, self-directed, and personable employee who has great pride in his work and the quality of it. He addresses all tasks head on and is determined to deal with any problems until there is a sufficient resolution.

David’s project management skills are demonstrated when running multiple projects at different locations. His management and communication skills allowed him to project manage the construction of 13 custom exhibitions at the Australasian Oil and Gas show in just three days. His skill and attention to detail has been rewarded as a successful recipient of National and State Awards, including the Australian Signs & Graphics Association, the Perth Royal Show and winning the Best of Show at numerous exhibits.

After working with David, people threaten to ‘steal him’ or offer him new employment positions; but to his credit he is very loyal and has shown The Factory great dedication and commitment over the years.

David has spent time travelling to keep well informed of the latest products and treads that will ensure we stay relevant and financially competitive in the ever-changing design industry. Prior trips to Euroshop in Germany and Interstate demonstrate David’s interest and desire to seek and implement up-to-date ideas and systems.

He also ensures that he, and our business, offers our expertise and services to those who could not always have access to such products. He has untaken projects in his own time for small primary schools and voluntary organisations such as the WA Debating League. David willingly takes on additional tasks and responsibilities, whether working on his projects, pulling together the team on an installation, or assisting peers.

We are fortunate to have such a dedicated and loyal team member and manager in our business, his recent win of Employee of The Year 2014 at the Stirling Business Awards was well deserved.

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