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Supporting Manna Inc. Charity to do their good work with the homeless of Perth

For quite a few years The Factory and our team have been supporting Manna Inc. charity who have done some amazing workover the last 20 years, looking after the homeless of Perth.

From what began as the simple act of feeding a few homeless people in a park, Manna has grown to become one of the largest providers of meals for disadvantaged people here in Perth. Along the way we have seen other needs that we knew had to be addressed and so began our School Breakfast Program, Winter School Uniform program, the School Cooking Facility, Special functions for Seniors, as well as hundreds of food hampers during the festive season.

Manna Inc charity food trailer launch at the regal theatre featuring our graphics and roll up banners

In 2013 we partnered with Canon Foods and the Regal Theatre to purchase a fully fit out food van / trailer to help feed the homeless valued at over $50,000. There was even a charity launch event for the new trailer held at the theatre. We also support Manna by providing signage manufacturing and installation service for their portable roll-up banners, banners, vehicle signage and more - all provided free of charge.

Our Managing Director, Grant Bird, his family and some of the team attend their various events including the Homeless for a night sleep out to help raise money for their very worthy cause.

Click here to find out how to donate to Manna and help disadvantaged West Australians.

Manna inc charity food trailer event featuring our signage

Manna inc homeless for a night event

manna inc vehicle signage

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