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GHD Woodhead - Illuminated Sky Signage

When GHD Woodhead decided to move to new premises in the heart of Perth CBD, they wanted to stand out on our skline with feature illumninated building signage.

We designed, specified and manufactured three over 3m signs which pushed the limits of the materials. We combined flex face lightboxes, long life exterior grade LED illumination and ingenious frame construction to make installation and ongoing maintenance much easier. The frames were made in sections from light but strong aluminium, and the face hinged in such a way to allow easy access when required.

GHD Building Signage

We provided a full solution to GHD by working with our engineers to receive certification for the sign structure, preparing and managing the submission of the signage to Perth City council for their approval.

The installation deadline for this project was extremely important, to tie in with the construction of the building. We conducted thorough site inspections to ensure our method of installation was going to be adequate for the conditions. Then we pre-assembled and tested the signs before hoisting them onto staging areas on the building roof, nearby to each installation site. Our abseiling crew lowered the sign frames into position, fastening them using bolts and chemical anchor fixing systems.

GHD Sky Signage

Our thorough QA testing and assurance system was emplyed pre-installation and after installation to ensure a great result.

The project met deadlines, budgets and expectations of the client, who was very happy with the end result.

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