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Herron Todd White - National Signage Re-Brand Project

Our team worked closely with HTW brand managers to plan, coordinate, received orders, manufacture and install the signage for all 64 offices nationwide.

In the initial stages, we designed a signage order form which was provided to each branch, which included;

  • Company contacts within HTW and The Factory team if they had any questions.
  • Important deadlines and considerations for each branch to order the signage they needed.
  • Restricted signage options for each area, to keep the national signage within the brand guidelines.
  • Special, indication pricing so the office could consider their budget when placing their order.
  • Each signage option featured points of importance for each area, for example if it is high up or if the window was tinted to ensure the signage was manufactured to suit each application and to assist with installation.
  • Prompts for the branch to include photos of the area for the signage, so we can consider it when planning manufacture and installation.

This document was intended to make the process easier for the branch to order, for headquarters to manage and for the brand manager to keep the whole company looking consisitent.

Herron Todd White signage order form

We appointed a dedicated project liaison and production manager, to ensure everything produced was consistent and coordinated. Our project liaison, Heather Mascall dealt direct with the branch for any questions, produced quotes and proposals as well as coordinating local installers to inspect the locations. Our dedicated project manager, Charlotte Kearney was familiar with the individual signage designs, materials and production considerations. She coordinated manufacture, packing and shipping, installation and final QA checking to ensure all jobs were completed to a high standard.

Herron Todd White window films and office signage

We employed a detailed QA system which required a questionaire to be completed and completion photos to be taken so we could check them when the job was complete. This was provided to the client for their consideration and feedback as the process continued. Our dedicated contacts were available anytimeto field questions or concerns, with the personal backup of our director, Grant Bird - to ensure each individual customer was looked after.

HTW commercial signage

The project was managed in several stages to allow all parties to coordinate effectively;

  • Intial design and consultation phase with client decision makers to ensure brand consistency.
  • Release of the order form and communication with all branches.
  • Orders were received, tailored quotes provided, sinage was designed, manufactured, delivered and installed in 4 stages to make it manageable.
  • QA and after sales support was and is still provided
  • We provided a signage guidelines document to make signage ordering easy for anyone in the future

With 64 branches, it was always going to be a huge project. One of the largest our company has completed to date. Our client was satisfied with the result and we continue to provide them with their signage needs.

Herron Todd White national building signage

HTW corporate signage

Vehicle signage and fascia signage

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