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Welcome to our vehicle signage and graphics page!

At our Perth location, we provide high-quality vehicle signage, vehicle wraps and custom vehicle graphics, with features to create an attention-grabbing and unique advertisement on your vehicle. 

Our vehicle decal services allow you to market your products or services on the move, with a unique design that combines function and style to appeal to your target audience. We help businesses to stand out with unique designs for the sides, doors or a complete wrap of their vehicles, in tune with different branding campaigns.

Here at The Factory, we have a team of experienced and professional graphic designers and skilled installers. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality designs that adhere to your specifications, with quick turnaround times, keeping in step with new technologies and advanced trends to remain ahead of the competition.

We make use of high-tech printing devices, using eco-solvent inks ideal for use on cars, trucks, and other vehicles surfaces. This ensures a durable and sharp product that stands up to outdoor conditions. 

Types of Vehicle Signage

  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Vehicle One Way Vision
  • Fleet Vehicles Signage
  • Truck Signs
  • Trailer Signs

We cover the entire vehicle signage from design to print and installation, with an integration of design concepts for both cars and trucks respectively therefore positioning us as leading custom vehicle graphic specialist in Perth. 

Make an impact with high quality vehicle graphics

Vehicle signage is graphics, text, or a combination of both, used to customise the exterior of your vehicle for advertising purposes. Vehicle graphics are essential to a business as they provide an inexpensive form of advertising potential available to a specific audience in a specific location.

Generally, professionally installed vehicle graphics won’t cause any damage to the paintwork of your vehicle because of the environmental protection added to the top layer of your automobile paint or polish. Custom car graphics and signage usually include removal of scratches, polishing, or cleaning out before eventually settling down after going through graphic prints and application. 

The longevity of vehicle graphics depends on a few different factors, such as the original graphic material and its exposure to the elements. Typically, high-quality vinyl wraps tend to last about 5-7 years and generally comes with a warranty. You may even be able to achieve a significantly longer lifetime for your graphic design with special maintenance routines.

Yep! Vehicle graphics can be safely washed with a soap and water solution, and even routine waxing or polishing does not affect the design elements created. Ensure to avoid harsh detergents or brushes that can cause harmful scratches and the immediate removal of salt deposits and debris after an immediate application of graphics.

Absolutely, our in-house team of skilled graphic designers will profile colours, fonts, and design of your products or services. They will be available to offer extra insight into the choice of colours, patterns, calls to action, and illustrative artwork that would be to fit specific cars or auto branding marketing needs.

The duration of installing vehicle signage may vary depending on the scale and levels of customisation you’re looking for. Generally, designs implemented by our services as based on professional assessment and are on-ground within 3-5 Business Days.

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