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Selecting the right materials can save you money in the long run for signage and display's

Using the wrong materials for a job or cutting corners can actually cost more money in the long run.

When producing displays, signage, graphics or anything really it is absolutely critical that the right materials are selected, not just to make the final product look good but for longevity. A sign or display which lasts a long time, is worth the initial investment and provides true value for money.

Often, to bring down prices some manufacturers will substitute cheaper materials or leave out a critical process. They often only appear to do a similar job, but in the long run there is lot more to consider than getting the cheapest price.

Will the graphics reproduce well on that material?

A quality surface or substrate makes colours vibrant, hold the inks well and last. Often it’s not just the material, but the treatment of the material which also matters. For example, matte surface often holds ink better than a gloss surface.

Printing on the right material for signage and display can make a huge difference to the result

Do the materials need protection?

Often when we are talking about signage and displays, they are subjected to wear and tear from people and the elements. Some suppliers do away with laminates or sealants, but the print just won’t last. This is especially important when talking about vehicle graphics, where it is exposed to the elements and regular washing. The colour and design will last a lot longer by simply adding a laminate.

Display cabinets using raw timbers also must be sealed using the right sealant, whether it’s a low VOC water based sealant for museum’s or a waterproof coating to prevent moisture expanding the timber over time and cracking the joins.

Sometimes materials for display and signage need further protection of films and laminates to extend life

It’s important to consider the environment.

Where the custom graphics or cabinets are going to be living is just as important when considering the best material. For example, when we produce interpretative signage and display cabinets for museums, we have to consider the valuable items displayed within them – all materials must be low VOC. Low VOC simply means very low amounts of damaging gasses released from the material, compared with other materials.

Any display or signage installed outdoors or exposed to the weather is another important consideration. UV light and moisture is very harsh over long periods of time, and can affect the look of something within weeks of exposure. The use of marine or exterior grade plywood and moisture resistant boards, or non-corrosive metals and use of UV stable materials is critical in these situations.

Save money in the long run selecting the right material

You can definitely save money in the short term using inferior materials, but in the long run the repairs and replacements make it actually the more expensive method. By investing a bit more in quality materials from the outset, your graphics and display will last and keep looking good.

Using the appropriate quality material doesn’t need to break the bank, there are a lot of cost effective solutions for every situation. Our expert team at The Factory have the experience and product knowledge to advise you of the options to suit your project.

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