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City of Swan - Swan Valley Visitor Centre - Cradle of the Colony Exhibition

Another beautiful project designed by Creative Spaces. We manufactured a set large costume display cabinets, small object custom cabinets, an entry plinth and donation box, bell display as well as a large built in display for the Swan Valley Visitor Centre “Cradle of the Colony” exhibition.

This display had to meet the highest standards using low VOC (Low Volatile Organic Compound) materials to protect and preserve the items on display, as they are a priceless part of the history of Guildford, Western Australia. Built in mesh protected ventillation in each cabinet ensured a good airflow around the items, and prevents insects from damaging them. All cabinets have adjustable floors for different height items, and are fully secure with common keys.The colour and style of the cabinets complimented the heritage building, and highlighted the items on display. The cabinets are reusable for all kinds of display items, so our client will get continued use of these in the future.

One costume cabinet includes a slide-in add on section which allows the display of several items vertically, allowing the display to adapt. The bell display unit is made from oak which is similar to what was used in ship building, so the display represents a mast and sail of a ship.

The installation was done carefully to minimise fixings and respect the heritage status of the building. Located at the Swan Valley visitor centre, next to the Colonial Gaol and Taylors cottage. Visit the website here to find them and come and have a look, the centre is open 7 days 9am to 4pm. Swan Valley Visitor Centre - Guildford Colonial Gaol and Taylors Cottage.

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