Branded Activations

Connect. Engage. Convert.

Branded activations refers to a event, campaign or interaction through brand awareness and builds connection with your target audience. Whether you have a new product launch, new business branding or need to communicate a message. Branded activations are the perfect solution to connect, engage and convert. All in real life!

Branded activations is a widely used solution across marketing campaigns and can be branched out to custom displays and pop ups. Over the last few years branded activations have made a massive impact on businesses strategies, big or small. The creative experiences brand activations deliver, interacts with your target audience and connects directly to your brand. 

The Factory have over 30 years experience in creating visual brilliance to make businesses stand out from the crowd. Discover a few projects we have been involved in. 

Why use a brand activation?

– Help increase exposure

– Endear your target audience

– Reshape customers perception

Bring your brand to life with driving customer action through creative experiences. Reach out today on how we can help!