Bis Industries Signage & Graphics Package

In 2012, Bis Industries opened their doors to their new corporate office in Perth. As part of their endeavour to create a space that reflects their executive team’s vision, presented by IA Design, they sought out the expertise of a professional signage and graphics company. 

We delve into the creative process behind the design, manufacturing, and installation of Bis Industries’ commercial signage and graphics package, highlighting the various elements that were incorporated to bring their corporate identity to life.

Bis Industries’ commercial signage package included branded wall graphics strategically placed throughout the office space. These visually striking graphics showcased the company’s brand identity and values, creating a cohesive brand experience for employees and visitors. The graphics featured the company logo, mission statement, and key brand visuals, all designed to resonate with the executive team’s vision.

To ensure confidentiality during meetings, Bis Industries opted for privacy films for their meeting rooms. These functional films also reinforced the company’s brand identity. By incorporating the company brand colours and key brand visuals into the design.

Branded window graphics played a vital role in Bis Industries’ commercial signage package. These graphics added elegance and were applied throughout the workspace. By using high-quality materials and vibrant colours, this created a welcoming feel for all the team to enjoy. A space they can all be proud to call their working home. 

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