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Elevating Workplaces: Alinta Energy's Creative Graphic Package

In the bustling heart of Raine Square in Perth, a remarkable project took place to transform Alinta Energy’s office space into a vibrant and cohesive environment. Collaborating with the talented teams at IA Group and Acorpp, the objective was clear: create a sense of connection and unite two levels into one cohesive working group. This blog will showcase the commercial graphic package project’s key elements, highlighting the innovative solutions provided by a prominent signage company in Perth.

Alinta Energy Commercial Fit out

Creating a Central Hub:

One of the standout features of Alinta Energy’s office is the fully glazed open staircase, designed to serve as a central hub. To bring this vision to life, digitally printed optically clear film was employed, lending a contemporary and polished appearance. This bold choice not only enhanced the aesthetics of the space but also encouraged communication, collaboration, and teamwork.

Alinta Energy Glazed Staircase Signage
Alinta Energy Commercial Fit Out Signage Package Window Graphics

Enhancing Workspaces:

Alinta Energy recognised the importance of providing functional workspaces for their employees. As part of the graphic package project, acoustic printed spaces were introduced, ensuring privacy and focus for phone booths, huddle rooms, and meeting areas. These purpose-designed spaces allowed for uninhibited productivity in a visually stunning environment, seamlessly aligning with the overall aesthetic of the office.

Wall Graphics in office workplace, boosting productivity for staff. Office signage. Wall decals and murals. Digitally printed wall graphics

The Phenomenal Creativity:

Alinta Energy’s graphic package project stands as a testament to the transformative power of design and signage. The collaborative effort between IA Group, Acorpp, and The Factory signage team created a space that goes beyond aesthetics, fostering connection, productivity, and well-being. By embracing elements like glazed staircases, acoustic printed spaces, and elegant custom signage, Alinta Energy has emerged with a workplace that is a true reflection of their values and aspirations.

The commercial signage fit-out completed for Alinta Energy, not only showcased the innovative capabilities of IA Group and Acorpp, but also embraced the importance of custom signage. Our signage team contributed significantly to the project’s success by delivering quality signage solutions. With their expertise in uplifting businesses with custom signage, they effortlessly surpassed expectations, leaving a lasting impression on all who visit Alinta Energy’s revamped workplace.

Signage Included: Custom Reception Signs, Glazing Films, Digitally Printed Wall Graphics, Concierge Desk Signs, Whiteboard Wall Graphics and ACP Signs.

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