Clancy's Fish Pub

A Rustic Signage Transformation

A throwback to one of our favourite signage transformations. Clancy’s Fish Pub got in contact with us, to support them on their signage transformation. From choosing the right materials, sizes and illuminating elements to create a new unique sign solution. The Factory were honoured to be apart of this transformation project, we are passionate about what we do and creating visual brilliance for our customers. Our creative team brought their ideas to life using high impact signage that will expose Clancy’s Fish Pub during the day and night.

‘Out with the old, in with the new’ is wisdom that can easily be applied to your business signage. Having old, dated signage that is no longer visible can do the reverse to your business. Signs are like a silent salesman and work 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Evaluating your current signage and coming up with creative ideas for new additions, would be profitable.

The build and install team, did a spectacular job with this project for Clancy’s Fish Pub. This project consisted of:

Lightbox Signs

We removed the original dated lightbox, with the help from our onsite electrician and replaced with a brand-new rusted steel light box. The creative design looks fantastic with having the rustic theme. The lightbox sign was formed by two faces made from welded steel, router cut with a backing panel of opal acrylic and coloured vinyl. To add to the rustic feel, we added dark wood to all the edges to create the box shape. We increased the size of the lightbox compared to the original, a quick simple option to any sign to create more of an impact.

Blackboard Signs

Clancy’s Fish Pub needed a visual sign to communicate a message to their customers. Keeping with the same theme, we manufactured a board from rusty steel, painted in black board paint and scuffed the edges to add a worn detail. This board was framed uses recyclable items found from spare wooden crates. These were then burnt and sprayed with a clear coat.

Banner Signs

To compliment the whole project, we replaced the old banner signs that were falling apart, into brand new sturdy banners. That will give the customer less maintenance. The framework was also considered in the manufacturing to keep with the entire brief. We powder coated the steel in Black, to make the sign look one piece.

Entry Signs

The entry sign to Clancy’s Fish Bar in City Beach, was created by a fully enclosed black light box with a laser cut front steel panel and fish. Painted with blackboard paint, with a rusted finish to edges. Larger in scale than the others, this entry sign included a worn effect wood behind the lightbox to match the style of Fremantle. All connected to power, as part of our installation process.

To finish this signage transformation, we added staff parking signs, new fascia signs and warning signs. We even painted the front walls to bring the whole new look together.

Whether your signage has not been changed in years and starting to become ineffective, looks worn or is too small, take some time to assess the effectiveness of changing this and work with us to bring your new signage to life.

Go take a look at the signage for yourself, it is still looking stunning. Have a bite to eat too! from