Enhancing Western Kids Health

A Collaboration Of Design And Signage Excellence

At The Factory, we take immense pride in our recent project, collaborating with CDI Group, to manufacture and install a comprehensive signage solution for Western Kids Health at Shenton Park, Perth. This impactful project involved the creation of a custom Wayfinding system, custom reception signs, wall graphics with an indigenous design, branded panels from black gloss acrylic, meeting room signage, suspended entry panels, branded room names, glazing films, and entry door signage. With the support of the talented interior designer, Khid, our team successfully incorporated the heritage building’s art deco features, creating a comfortable and fun environment for Western Kids Health.

Reception Signage at Western Kids Health in Perth. Custom Reception Signs, Acrylic Signs, Perth Signs
Photo Credit: KHid & Alana Blowfield

Custom Wayfinding and Reception Signs:

The Factory worked closely with CDI Group and Western Kids Health to develop a custom Wayfinding system that seamlessly guides visitors throughout the facility. Our team crafted eye-catching reception signs that not only enhance the aesthetics but also effectively represent the brand identity of Western Kids Health. These signs serve as a visual focal point, creating a warm and inviting first impression for patients and their families.

Wall Graphics with Indigenous Design:

To infuse a sense of cultural heritage and promote inclusivity, The Factory incorporated wall graphics infused with an indigenous art design. These captivating graphics pay homage to the local indigenous community and add a unique touch to the interior space. By integrating elements of indigenous art, we aimed to create an environment that celebrates diversity and fosters a sense of belonging for all who enter the facility.

Western Kids Health Wall Graphics

Branded Panels from Black Gloss Acrylic:

To further reinforce the brand identity of Western Kids Health, The Factory designed and installed branded panels made from black gloss acrylic. These panels not only exude elegance but also serve as a powerful branding tool. Strategically placed throughout the facility, these panels create a cohesive and visually appealing environment that aligns with the overall design concept.

Custom Wayfinding Perth, Directional Signs In Perth for the health Industry
Western Kids Health Wayfinding System

Meeting Room Signage and Room Names:

Effective communication is crucial in any healthcare setting. The Factory prioritised clarity by designing and installing meeting room signage that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, branded room names were incorporated to provide a consistent visual identity across the facility. By combining functionality and brand consistency, we aimed to create an environment that promotes seamless navigation and enhances the overall patient experience.

Room Signage Perth
Photo Credit: KHid & Alana Blowfield

Suspended Entry Panels and Glazing Films:

The Factory utilised suspended entry panels and glazing films to transform the entryway of Western Kids Health. These elements not only provide privacy but also serve as an opportunity to reinforce the brand messaging. The suspended entry panels create a sense of grandeur, while the glazing films add a touch of elegance and professionalism. Together, these features contribute to a welcoming and visually striking entrance for patients and visitors.

Suspended Wayfinding Signage
Glazing Films Perth

The Factory’s collaboration with CDI Group and interior designer Khid for the Western Kids Health project in Shenton Park, Perth, has been a remarkable success. Through the meticulous design, fabrication, and installation of a custom Wayfinding system, reception signs, wall graphics, branded panels, meeting room signage, suspended entry panels, glazing films, and entry door signage, we have created a visually appealing and functional environment. By incorporating elements of the heritage building and indigenous design, we have successfully crafted a space that celebrates diversity and promotes a sense of belonging. At The Factory, we are committed to delivering excellence in signage solutions, and this project serves as a testament to our dedication to enhancing the branding and patient experience of healthcare facilities.

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