North Metropolitan Health Service

The Future of Wayfinding

North Metropolitan Health Service, one of Australia’s largest mental health services. The Aboriginal health strategy is a North Metropolitan Health Service wide service responsible for the development of Aboriginal strategic programs across Sir Charles Gairdner, Osborne Park, King Edward, Graylands Hospitals and Joondalup Health Campus. This strategy was the main focus of their entire wayfinding rebrand.

Illuminated pylon sign in perth installed in a health centres business, pylon sign is blue and red with the businesses logo displayed

Following an audit of its existing wayfinding, a complete overhaul of the signage system was required to navigate visitors to their required destinations. A vibrant and bold wayfinding system was designed, fabricated and installed to respond to the buildings materiality and form. 

The future of wayfinding goes beyond practicality, combining enhanced technologies, art and a wide colour palette. Businesses can focus on the experience for their people. Past, present and future all present a simple truth, wayfinding is and has been crucial to our society, which is why we keep inventing new ways to maximise the possibilities. 

Enriching environments by communicating stories while navigating spaces is the future.