Emily Jackson Art

The Natural World Signage

Emily Jackson is a WA artist and WOW what a talent she has! Through her artwork, Emily portrays the natural world of Western Australia. Her art pays tribute to, and celebrates the living world that nurtures her creativity. 

Custom Signs

The Factory were honoured to be able to deliver a completion print service. Working with Emily to print her artwork, is why we love what we do. The abstract visual landscapes of her work are location, date and specific. Our print process truly captures the essence of her art design and the living moment. 

Etching, Lino prints, drawings and paintings are the forms to make up the multiple layers. Using a clear acrylic, we printed the art graphics onto optically clear film and laid up in reserve to the back. A selection of designs were printed at 50% opacity to create a sense of depth and reality to the abstract art. To add to Emily’s open studio collection, a design was selected to be printed directly onto blushed aluminium, with two layers of clear acrylic and film, fabricated over the top. 

Discover Emily Jackson’s Art.