A guide on choosing signage materials

Choosing signs for your organisation can be tricky, especially if this is your first time. Here at The Factory, you will find a highly creative team with over 30 years’ experience in the signage industry. We have years and knowledge to understand what signage materials work, for your brand and what will you give you longevity.

Signage can be created using a wide range of materials and formats. All of which can deliver a different affect, but choosing the right material is the most important decision. We work with our clients from the start, to ensure you are getting the best out of your design and what will make a positive impact.

Using the wrong signage material for a job or cutting corners can cost more money in the long run. When producing signage, it is critical that the right materials are selected, not just for the visual appearance of your brand, but for the longevity. A sign that lasts a long time, is worth the initial investment.

You can save money in the short-term using inferior materials, but in the long run the repairs and replacements make it an expensive method.

Here is a guide on deciding materials for your signage investment:

1. Consider the Environment

Where the custom signage is going to be living, is just as important when considering the best material. Any signage or display installed outdoors, will be exposed to the weather elements. UV light and moisture are very harsh over long periods of time and can affect the look.  The use of marine or exterior grade plywood and moisture resistant boards, or non-corrosive metals and use of UV stable materials is critical in these situations.

When we produce interpretative signage and displays for museums,  we have to consider the valuable items displayed within them. All signage materials must be low VOC. Low VOC, simply means very low amounts of damaging gasses released from the material. 

2. Consider the treatment

A good quality surface or substrate can make colours vibrant. Some will hold the inks well and last and some will fade very quickly. Often, it is not just the material, but the treatment of the material which also matters. For example, a matte surface often holds ink better than a gloss surface.

3. Consider Protection

Signage is subject to wear and tear from people and the elements. Making the decision to protect your investment with a laminate or sealant, will keep the longevity. This is especially important when talking about vehicle graphics, where it is exposed to elements and regular washing. Adding a laminate will simply keep the colour and design to last longer.


By understanding what you want to do and achieve, this helps us determine the right products to choose in the project design. For us, we always have the customer in mind. We want to build a relationship with you, where we provide a personalised service from beginning to end. Contact us today about your next project.  

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