Walyalup Civic Building

Interpretive Signage With A Difference

Taking you back to a beautifully designed and fabricated interpretive signage, The Factory had an honour to be involved with. In collaboration with Creative Spaces, we had the opportunity to fabricate and manufacturer a bespoke welcome sign feature, designed by the talented team at Creative Spaces Perth.

This carefully designed Interpretive signage, built up by four layers, reflects the history of Whadjuk Noongar people and their contribution to the lands. The City of Fremantle, relocated their offices to a brand new location in Walyalup Koort.

Custom Signs

An interesting fact – Walyalup Koort, formally known as Kings Square, is the heart of Fremantle. In July 2021, Kings Square was officially renamed to Walyalup Koort, following an extressive community engagement process. Walyalup is the Noongar name for an area that includes Fremantle and Koort means heart. The new name reflects the contribution to the lands and the welcome sign compliments the history and recognition.

The Factory, fabricated four seperate layers which were carefully designed, using selected substrates that would complement the building and the natural history. Including blackbutt timber and brass cut lettering. 

Layer one – Built by a back panel Plywood with a UV direct printed graphic, followed by a clear coat over the top. Not only does this protect the substrate, but allows the graphics to really shine through.

Layer two – To form the coastline shape, a mirrored stainless steel was used. In four seperate sections placed on the plywood.

Layer three – Using Blackbutt timber, the sign experts router cut the Fremantle lands shape. This was then placed onto of the stainless steel, to create depth and difference. The blackbutt timber was carefully chosen and placed with a horizontal grain. The sign experts, also laser etched the timber to create the unique designs.

Layer four – The team digitally printed in dual colour, with a white backing on optically clear film and then applied to acyclic discs, with a round brass stand off. These beautiful graphic discs were then applied the welcome sign using brass mountings. Once the whole welcome sign was fabricated together, the brass lettering was applied to finish the impressive sign feature.

If you are ever near the Walyalup Civic Building, go have a look. The welcome sign is breathtaking and interesting to view.